Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stan Sher of Dealer eTraining To Speak At Internet Sales 20 Group October 23 - 25, 2012


Facebook Event: Internet Sales 20 Group

Stan Sher - President of Dealer eTraining
Stan Sher

Stan Sher is the president of Dealer eTraining, a full service automotive internet sales, business development training and digital marketing company. Stan is an up-and-coming internet professional with strong working relationships with the best in automotive e-commerce consulting in the industry. Prior to starting Dealer eTraining, Stan has been in the automotive business for over eight years where he has been successful in automotive sales, management, digital marketing, internet sales and business development center direction.  Stan is also always training, speaking and presenting at conferences such as AutoCon, Innovative Dealer Summit, among many others.  As a speaker for the Greater New York Automotive Dealers Association, he conducts monthly training workshops that involve internet sales, business development, digital marketing, and showroom sales.    In addition to owning and managing Dealer eTraining, Stan is also the editor of Automotiveinternetsales.com

But that is not all, Stan is also the co-organizer of this event.  Stan will not only be co-organized this event but he will also be speaking about strategies within the Internet/BDC department that all attendees can take back to their dealerships and implement them right away to increase ROI immediately.  Do not miss this event.  For more information, please visit the website, http://www.internetsales20group.com or contact me directly at (732)925-8362 / stan@dealeretraining.com


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