Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Selling Process…has it changed?

Does your dealership have a BDC or Internet Sales Department?  When appointments show up to the dealership, is there a set process to handle these customers?  Let me let this thought process for a second…

Ok, so right now you are probably realizing that you do have these departments yet they are under performing.  Perhaps you have trained your sales staff in the basic methods of the road to the sale or you might have just hired a few “green peas” and thrown them out on the floor to learn as they go.  Sound familiar?

Here is a fact: Over 90% of consumers go online before they walk into a dealership.
Here is another fact: In order for the showroom to be packed, traffic needs to be generated through appointments.  Walk in customers do not just walk in like they used to.

When a BDC appointment comes in, how are the customers being greeted?  Are they still saying, “Can I help you?”  If this is still happening, your dealership is in trouble.  The proper way to handle a proper meet and greet is as follows: “Welcome to ABD Motors, my name is Stan and you are? Great meet you.  Are you here for a VIP appointment with our guest relations department?” Qualify the information.  One you know what is going on make sure to inform management and the BDC that their appointment is here.  Now continue with your road to the sale starting with logging the proper information into the CRM while simultaneously building really good rapport.  Make sure to read the notes in the CRM that are already there so you can build that common ground.  This is just the beginning of the process.

Are your sales consultants prepared to handle the modern customer?  The modern customer shows up with an iPad and/or iPhone.  They do not need to walk in printouts because they have the information in a digital format.  These customers ask questions to which they already have an answer right at their finger tips.  At the same time while working with your dealership they are also reading reviews about your dealership as well as others.

So what has changed?  Not a lot really.  The real change is the quickness of the transparency that dealers need to have.  The processes that we have been taught over the years still apply to the selling professional.  However, the modern day selling professional needs to be armed with knowledge of how to use certain consumer websites to pull factual information; sell the value of the car as well as the dealership’s online reputation.  This modern day professional needs to be able to take out their smart phone at delivery and film a customer testimonial as well as take a picture of the customer with their new vehicle.  There are so many great apps available on mobile phones that can really help a sales professional do amazing things that will enable a smooth, efficient, and powerful road to the sale process.

If anyone has questions on how to achieve sales greatness by using the modern road to the sale process, please feel free to contact me at stan@dealeretraining.com







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