Sunday, September 16, 2012

The New Road To The Sale - Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association - September 27, 2012 - Stan Sher (Dealer eTraining)

It's that time again.  Another powerful workshop at the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association (GNYADA).  Stan Sher of Dealer eTraining will be teaching BDC and Sales consultants how an appropriate road to the sale should be in today's market.

The BDC or business development center works with prospects over the phone and brings them in for an appointment.  However, the ball gets dropped because sales consultants are not prepared to handle the customer needs.  This happens because they do not use the dealership's CRM system properly and do not follow proper protocol.  The goal of this workshop is to train dealership personnel the importance of using a CRM and what to look for in the CRM to build a better rapport with the prospect.  In addition, we will be discussing the use of mobile tools that sales consultants can use to help their prospects have a better car buying experience while also helping make their jobs as sales consultants more efficient.

If you are an automotive dealership in the Greater New York area please sign your sales and BDC staff to this powerful workshop on September 27, 2012.  This will be the most powerful 3 hours of that day for your staff.  The "New" Road to the Sale is a session where I will teach your staff how to properly handle today's savvy consumer by knowing the resources that the consumer will use when shopping for vehicle.  Attendees will learn how to properly handle customers that come in from appointments that derive from the BDC.  Attendees will also learn how to properly use modern technology and tools to better interact with and follow up with customers both when they are in the showroom and when they are not.  To view more information and to register please visit

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