Saturday, September 29, 2012

KPA Offers 7 Scholarships to Attend the Internet Sales 20 Group

Internet Sales 20 Group

We don’t promote conferences very often. Those who have seen KPA at conferences know that we attend nearly all of them, speak at most, and engage with dealers as our primary reason for going. These things make promotion of the events challenging as we know that we’re getting a benefit from them so it’s almost like “double dipping” when we promote them as well.

Every now and then, one comes along that deserves our support. This October, the event that we’re supporting is the Internet Sales 20 Group in Chicago October 23-25. We are extremely excited by the way that this event differs from most conferences. It is as much of a networking event as it is a learning experience with a wide variety of speakers and automotive professionals attending. Unlike most events, this one has tangibles attached to attending that have never been offered in our industry.

In an effort to get the most savvy dealers in the country to attend, KPA is offering 7 scholarships that will pay the $1,495 conference entry fee. We are looking for a single sentence answer to the question:

“What is the breakout marketing initiative that will emerge in prominence in 2013?”

To enter, simply post a comment on this blog post, post your entry on our Facebook wall, or email it to me directly at Three of the scholarships are reserved for current KPA clients and prospects. The other four are open to the dealer community. Winners will be selected Wednesday, October 3rd, so get your entry in as soon as possible. Only one entry per dealership employee, but if you win and want to bring additional dealership employees we would be happy to work out those details with you.

Check out the event itself here.

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