Thursday, December 6, 2012

What makes Internet Sales 20 Group so unique and great?

So what is it that makes the Internet Sales 20 Group so great?

Yesterday I spent some time in the Dealer Synergy to get on the 5 week post event follow up call.

What follow up call?  What am I talking about?  You mean a major automotive industry event that hosts a follow up call to hold its attendees accountable?


Seriously, out of all of the fall conferences and events that occurred in October the Internet Sales 20 Group was the only event to really show care for the dealers and the success by implementing a live virtual meeting with attendees to review what they learned and what they implemented at the event.  The moderators for the Internet Sales 20 Group had attendees fill out workbooks and sign official contracts which held them accountable for their action when they get back to the dealership.

My friend, Sean Bradley held a call yesterday and it was amazing to see how many attendees improved business practices in just a few short weeks.  This is powerful stuff that I have never seen before anywhere else.  I have been to numerous digital conferences and workshops where I walked out with information and never a guideline of how to implement my learning.  In fact, I am one of the rare people that have been able to be creative and actually put things into practice.  However, the majority of attendees are overwhelmed when they get back to the dealerships and no one follows up with them.  All that money spent on a conference and the information was barely retained.  Again, the Internet Sales 20 Group ensures success for your dealership.  When people like Ralph Paglia, Peter Martin, JD Rucker, and myself jump on the band wagon to continue making this event more successful you know it has substance.

So...  What should you do next?

Register for the Internet Sales 20 Group March 19-21, 2013 in Dallas, TX by visiting

We pulled off a very successful Internet Sales 20 Group during a major conference week where we drew close to 60 dealers.  Dallas, TX will be taking it to another level where we are going harder with sponsors and will plan to attract up to 120 dealers.  Dealers from the last Internet Sales 20 Group have started to signed up and dealers that missed out are expressing major interest.

I will be representing this powerful event on behalf of Dealer eTraining as well as speaking on topics that dealers need to focus on in today's business environment.  This fall and winter I am spending time working on major in-dealership projects.  I spent 6 weeks transforming a single dealership with operations that included digital marketing, CRM, social media, lead management, and overall dealership processes in all departments.  I am focusing the next few weeks fixing a small BDC/Internet Sales department that consists of 3 people for a 2 franchise group.  I plan to bring some new data, updated practices, and a refreshing attitude to my craft so that every attendee in the room can walk away with helpful tips to really shine in 2013.

The Internet Sales 20 Group is about industry leaders and top performing dealerships working together to improve the industry.

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