Thursday, December 20, 2012

Google Maps App Changes the Game| by Martin Damato

This is a blog by my friend Martin D'Amato.  Martin is the Internet Director for Pine Belt Automotive in NJ.  His Internet/BDC department helps account for 250-300+ units sold and delivered from a group of three dealerships that are among the top in the nation.  He really gets it and is constantly perfecting his craft.  Martin is at a level that most dealership consultants only wish they were at.  While others "talk the talk", my man here "walks the walk".  In fact, a well known "self proclaimed" Internet Sales guru who claims to be the number one automotive internet sales trainer in the industry claims to have sat in Martin's seat in the past working for the same group.  However, Martin has really taken it to a level that his so called "predecessor" could only talk about and dream about.



Google Maps App

Google Maps App Changes the Game| by Martin Damato



iOS 6 Google MapsWhile at work I received a text message from a buddy of mine with the new Google Maps App URL. I immediately downloaded the app and began to play around with it.  Currently my cell phone service is Verizon and I have been using VZ Navigator. At only $2.99 a month, it is a great deal for anyone who does not have a navigation system or a vehicle with navigation installed. Google Maps App, being FREE, does the exact same thing so I used that for my ride home from work to test it out. I noticed a few glitches, but with anything new those kind of things are going to happen. The next day I was off and wanted to check out some furniture stores. I typed in the Google Maps app “furniture store” and immediately several local stores came up.

But here is the “GAME CHANGER”…

During my search, it gave me each stores Google Places ranting!! Wow!! I didn’t do any homework before I left the house, and now I didn’t have too! I had all the information during my drive. I was able to see which store had 2 stars and which store had 5 stars. I was able to see who to avoid at each store while in my car, while on my phone driving to the location!

My mind immediately turned to my business, the car business. How many customers are driving to your dealership using this app and notice a terrible review? How many of those same people punch in your competitors store who have a higher ranting through Google and head over there? It is going to happen more times then not.

The majority of buyers in today’s market are Gen X and Gen Y. I, myself am Gen Y. I, myself bypassed a store because of a negative review during my drive to that same exact store.

Google Maps App is going to change the game. It is going to cause customers to detour from their original route and head directly towards a safe place to shop. I did… And I consider myself no different then any other shopper out there.


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