Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Digital Marketing Strategies Conference Session on BDC Department Management

DMSC Workshop Title and Description
“The Evolution of the BDC: Has Your Dealership Evolved?”
This workshop will focus on understanding the value of having a BDC in place at dealerships as well as the various types of processes that need to be installed.  Once installed, these processes need to be managed appropriately and kept up to date.  We will review guidelines and operating procedures that a BDC needs to establish in order to measure results.  Lastly, attendees will gain a broad view of how to setup a proper action plan to bring back to their dealerships.
About Stan

Stan Sher is the president and founder of Dealer eTraining, a full service automotive internet sales, business development training and digital marketing company. Stan is an up-and-coming internet professional with strong working relationships with the best in automotive e-commerce consulting in the industry. Prior to starting Dealer eTraining, Stan has been in the automotive business for over eight years where he has been successful in automotive sales, management, digital marketing, internet sales and business development center direction.

Over the years, Stan Sher has become a proven internet sales manager adept at developing a positive brand image for a dealership or product and increasing internet sales volume. A true internet professional, he has increased sales, improvedprocesses, presence, and results to generate more profit.

As a writer and contributor to the automotive dealer community, Stan has a continual blogging presence within and has been published in some of the most respected automotive industry websites and magazines such as:

  • Digital Dealer Magazine
  • Dealer Marketing Magazine
  • Automotive Digital Marketing
  • DrivingSales
  • Auto Dealers Network

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