Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stan Sher Thanksgiving 2013 Thankful Message






Thankful for a decent first official year in business. Dealer eTraining is making headway. I am told my mentors that I have come a long way and I must say that if it was not for the guidance, wisdom, and inspiration from the good people in my life I would not have made it this far. So thank you to all of my friends, lovers, haters, critics, people that give me a chance, people that do not give me a chance and make me work harder for it, and my family for supporting my dreams. To plug names in here will take me 2 days so you know who you are. This week I am available for communication and I am working a little but first and foremost I am enjoying the new apartment and just taking a few days to clear my mind, enjoy new friendships, live life to the fullest and enjoy thanksgiving. Rest assure I will be 200% back in action mode come Sunday night. I will finish 2012 strong and start 2013 even stronger. My focus is on the prize. The prize is success!

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