Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ignite - Turn Energy Into Income - NJ PA GA TX MD

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For the last six years Ignite has been providing residents of states like Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey save money on their energy bill.  This is a very hot topic that has been featured on the news.  People are saving 15-20% on their energy bill.  There are people that are also creating huge streams of income.  It is very simple.  Sign up to save money on your own bill.  Introduce the program to your family, friends, and associates.  Some people will just opt for the service to save money while others will see the value and make a business out of this.  I am doing this 5 weeks and already seeing results.  I know people doing this for 6 months and making as much as $6,000 per month residually.  The people that have been doing this for three years (starting out in other markets such as Texas) are making well over $100,000 per month.  There is no reason not to look at this.

This company is in 2nd place after google for growth.  Think about it.  Do you want to be up there with companies like Google?  I know I do.

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